Elysium City Fact Sheet

Location: Castilblanco, Extremadura

Target Opening Year: 2023 for Phase 1, 2028 for Phase 2

Land area: 1,200 hectares

Jobs Created: 15,000 by completion of Phase 1, 40,000 to 50,000 by year 10

Theme Park Projected First Year Attendance: 2,000,000

Water Adventure Park Attendance First Year Attendance: 750,000

First Year Attendance for Non-Theme Park activities: 1,500,000 (e.g., casinos, stadium, music festivals,

sports events, etc.)

Projected Residential units: 2,000 in Phase 1

Other Amenities:

● 18 hole signature golf course

● 4 hotels with casinos totaling 3,000 rooms - a 5 star Iconic Casino Hotel, 4 star Theme Park, Casino Hotel, 4 star Water Park Casino Hotel, and a 3 star Conference Casino Hotel

● Retail and dining entertainment,

● Premiere 40,000 seat stadium

● Marina

● High speed train station

● Bike paths and nature trails

● Heliport

● Data center and other city services

Smart City:

Elysium will be the first of its kind. All elements of design construction and operations will have a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and quality of life including:

● Free gigabit speed wifi will be available throughout the city.

● Solar powered smart street infrastructure, smart light poles and bus shelters, green coffee carts,

and smart park furniture are just a few examples of ways Elysium City will strive to be as energy

efficient as possible.

● Smart kiosks will be found throughout Elysium that provides real-time parking availability and

traffic updates, see public transportation schedules, get weather forecasts and warnings,

participate in community communications via polls and surveys, and can report issues directly to

the local government.

● Elysium City will play a key role in the research and development of the next generation

communication standard, 5G.

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